Press your player's button to accelerate and release it to slow down.
Don't speed up too much or you're going to stop down.

Keyboard Controls:

P1: A
P2: V
P3: M
P4: P

The Game

The 3D art was made by drawing foldable designs on paper and then assembling them into Blender.

2D Art was hand drawn both on paper and digitally.

Music made with Guitar Pro 7 + GXSCC. (Listen to the soundtrack)

Sounds both from and made with BFXR.

Fonts used are StrippedRounded and Sweet N Sticky.

50 Devs Remake Mario Party

This game is my re-interpretation of the Slot Car Derby mini-game from the original Mario Party, done for the "50 Devs Remake Mario Party" collaboration organized by Jirushi and Andrew David.

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